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Eclectic. Globally-inspired. Eco-friendly. Make every meal a celebration.

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Charming. Intentional. Eco-friendly. Make every meal a celebration. 

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Vibrant. Time-honored. Eco-friendly. Classic meets modern, here. Make every meal a celebration.

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Ethereal. Whimsical. Dreamy. Eco-friendly. Make every meal a celebration.

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Friendly Napkins and Machine Washable Placemats

Your table is the place where the people you care about gather to eat together, share conversation and enjoy each other’s company. Because dining is always a special occasion, it makes sense to ensure that your table looks as inviting as possible. That's where our napkins, machine washable runners and easy to clean placemats can really make a difference.

A Watercolor Tablecloth Designed to Minimize Environmental Impact

Paper napkins or disposable runners add to land fill and are often made from fresh materials; in comparison, our products are created from 100% recycled material. The product process is designed to be as low-impact as possible. We use water-based, non-toxic inks, reducing the burden on the eco-system from toxic by-products. Our aim is to create beautiful dining accessories that you can use without guilt.

Great Range of Batik Tablecloth Designs

From our gorgeous selection of Boho Chic tablecloth items to our luxurious Shibori napkins, modern classics and our versatile selections of solid and watercolor designs, we provide table dressing that's suitable for a wide range of design themes. Our products can be used in the home, or provide a delightful touch at events or special occasions.

Easy Care Tablecloths are Great for Kids

We know that napkins and placemats don't just need to look good, they also have to be durable enough to cope with heavy use, be stain-resistant and be easy to keep clean. Our fabric is straight-forward to machine wash and designed to repel stains – even tough ones like tomato sauce or red wine! To find out more about our selection of table accessories, place an order or anything else, call us at (424) 290-0074.