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A relatively inexpensive and fast way to change the feel and appearance of your dining table is to add a set of new placemats. These placemats can provide a mixture of style and color to your table as well as protection against the possible damaging effects of dishes and hot plates. You can count on these Easy to Clean Placemats to help make your cleanup work easier – you can simply wipe these placemats clean of any beverage spills or food debris. At Wolf & Irving, we offer a range of stylish placemats to enhance your dining décor and experience.

Material and Other Features

The type of material you choose for your dining room placemats is an important consideration. As well, it’s also helpful to know in advance how much use you expect to get out of your placemats. Shape, pattern, color, and overall design of Easy to Clean Placemats may influence your purchasing decision.

At Wolf & Irving, we are committed to providing table accessories – including placemats – that not only look amazing, but are also manufactured from recycled materials that include the features of stain resistance and softness.


If you intend on using your placemats on a continual basis, such as daily or weekly, you should be keenly aware of the need to have placemats that are easy to clean and durable. These types of placemats are very important to have when small children and teenagers are present at the dining table. As well, these placemats can be used for outdoor functions for quick and easy cleanups. Easy to Clean Placemats are an ideal choice for a wide range of dining settings, including both casual and formal in nature.

Although protection and the easy to clean features of these placemats is important, they also bring a distinct element of décor that can enhance the overall dining experience for you, your family, and your guests.

Choose Your Preferred Style

At Wolf & Irving, we offer placemats that are easy to clean in a variety of colors to help you find the right match for your decor. In our selection you’re sure to find something that is palatable to your tastes.

Contact us today to learn more about how our Placemats can match your décor and elevate your dining experience.