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Finding the right set of napkins to enhance your dining experience is not always the easiest thing to do. You may be preparing a meal for a business function, family get together, or some other type of special occasion. If so, these special napkins can add an element of style to your table and even at times solicit conversation about their appearance. For instance, the Shibori napkins we offer at Wolf & Irving can add that extra, special touch. These napkins, inspired by a popular Japanese textile dying technique, are the Shibori Clouds available in Blossom and four additional colors for your tabletop décor.

You’ll look forward to bringing out these napkins for special dinners throughout the year. They are an excellent addition for dinner any day of the week, including on weekends with family and friends for those special get-togethers. These Shibori napkins truly add something unique to your table that everyone can appreciate.


The material of a napkin is an important feature to consider. Some people choose to use quite inexpensive options when it comes to napkins, such as paper napkins for dinner settings. However, having cloth napkins at the table can really provide a sense of elegance and character to your place settings and are more environmentally friendly. At Wolf & Irving, our linens are durable and soft. They can be compared to some of the best type of linens you may be familiar with at a restaurant.

These napkins are stain and fade resistant, even to a greater extent than traditional cotton or linen napkins. There are also manufactured from non-toxic inks and 100% recyclable material. As well, they are also machine washable.


Not only is function important with the napkins you make available for your guests, but appearance is a big consideration as well. These napkins provide you with the means of sprucing up your dining table. Consider how these napkins can take your decor from boring to interesting just by their very presence on the table.

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